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tomatillo enchilada casserole

Cheesy Chicken Salsa Rice

Tomatillos are one of those fascinating and underused ingredients in your everyday kitchen. I can understand why. They have an odd papery husk, they’re sticky as all get out, and are almost inedibly sour when served raw (confession: for many years I believed that raw tomatillos were poisonous – don’t ask me where or how I gleaned this “knowledge”.) They’re just, well, weird. But also incredibly delicious, tart, and a staple in Mexican cuisine.

I baked these up on a Sunday afternoon and have been eating them off and on all week. Like any good casserole it reheats beautifully (even with the sour cream on top) and the whole thing comes together pretty easily. The flavor is tangy and refreshing, but still hearty with the chicken and tortillas melting together in one awesome layer. It’s a light casserole, perfect for an 80 degree fall day.

vietnamese chicken drumsticks + sriracha ‘ranch’

Sriracha is one of those running jokes amongst people in the food & beverage industry. You can walk into any kind of restaurant kitchen – Italian, French, Latin American, etc, – and more than likely, a bottle of the green-lidded fiery red sauce will be found somewhere. For some, it’s a substitute for everything from ketchup to mayonnaise, and will be poured on any and everything they eat. I always think of the episode of Top Chef when Casey put it into her Cold Stone Creamery ice cream. I’m not that hardcore, but it is delicious. It’s simply a paste of chili peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Spicy, sweet, and commonly seen with Thai or Vietnamese food, it’s well-loved (and rightly so).

So when I saw a recipe for buttermilk sriracha salad dressing a few months ago I kept it in the back of my mind, waiting to use it until the right idea struck. And finally, it did.

I’m a big fan of indulging in spicy chicken wings dipped in ridiculously rich and cooling sauces, so the idea of chicken drumsticks dipped in this srirarcha buttermilk ‘ranch’ seemed perfect. Making a Vietnamese-themed marinade (I know I know srirarcha is Thai but it’s right there on the table at any Vietnamese restaurant, too!) and grilling the chicken makes this a fresh and fun summer dish and great to serve at parties. You can go with wings and legs (or even breasts), just use whatever chicken you like best. It’s all good.

orzo salad with feta + balsamic bbq chicken

Orzo Salad with Tomatoes, Basil and Feta

Long time, no post! Sorry bout that, folks – took some time to get my new life organized but hey! Lease is signed, moving truck is packed, and I’m almost ready to go. One last dinner at home first, though.

I’ve never been a huge fan of spring. It’s my least favorite season, mostly due to the rain, mud, flip-flopping weather, and return of allergy season. The one saving grace is that the best produce of the season is finally en route, gardens everywhere finally start blooming, and better yet, summer is almost here!

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This is my favorite summer dinner and I made it a little early to celebrate my new job with my family. The orzo salad is a bit fussy and has lots of side steps (plus it’s best made a day in advance), and the chicken is also best marinated for at least a day, so the whole meal is something you really can’t just throw together, but it’s so worth the wait.

Tangy feta and and sun-dried tomatoes tossed with crunchy arugula and pine nuts (plus orzo), this side dish is so refreshing and summery, plus open to any interpretation or additions, it really is my favorite side dish of the season. And although I am usually a complete Arthur Bryants devotee, making a special BBQ sauce for a special dinner can be fun, and I’ve always loved this tangy and sweet version from Giada deLaurentiis. Reduced balsamic vinegar is one of the best things on the planet, so incorporating it into BBQ sauce… well… it’s just plain awesome.

white bean chicken chili

White Bean Chicken Chili Recipe

Okay, it’s not the most photogenic thing in the world, but trust me – the ugliest foods always taste the best.

My buddy Clif recently asked me about making green chile chili and ever since I gave my tips, I couldn’t get it out of my head. And then as I was cleaning out the seemingly bottomless cabinet of appliances I have under my sink, my crock pot was staring me in the face, practically glowing with the suggestion to use it.

So here is quite possibly the easiest recipe I have on the site so far – even easier than the 2-ingredient ‘ice cream’! Only one step! This is the greatest set it and forget it kind of meal, and it reheats superbly, which is exactly what I need right now. Thick and rich from the beans and their natural starch, plus packed with flavor from all the spices – it could be served on a cold winter’s day with hot cornbread, or a warm summer afternoon with chips and guacamole.


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